Thursday, 18 October 2012

What a Disaster - a story of the Rena container ship

Candice, Tylah, Rhiannon 

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Yummy healthy food

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Kaitlyn and fuschia

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ARTOBER Fest is my favourite subject. Better than maths

The artoberfest

Artoberfest By Riley

Whangarei primary school artober fest 2012 27 october by ocean


ARTOBER Fest is awesome!


Come to the annual whangarei primary artoberfest

Michael T Ws

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Artoberfest by kyra

The artoberfest is all about selling things and having lots of fun with all the things that are gonna be there.


Artoberfst by Harry.C

ARTOBER FEST!!!!!!!!!!:)

ARTOBER Fest is awesome

Heathy food by kyra.

My favourite healthy foods are strawberry,bananas,pineapples,kiwifruits,grapes,watermelons,apples,pears,celery,broccoli,fish and lime I like a lot of fruit but my favourite one is lime I cut them in half and then I eat them.

Healthy Eating By Evie

My favourite healthy foods are strawberries,blueberries,potatoes,coriander,bananas,watermelons onions,chicken and lettuce. I grow strawberries in the garden.

Healthy Food by Harry D

My favourite healthy food is mango. I love having it on pavlova. What a shame the pavlova isn't healthy too!